Jesse began working as a staff writer for Nashville’s street newspaper in March 2012. The Contributor is a street newspaper sold for a profit by people recovering from homelessness.  At this time, they do not offer an online archive, but  previews of some of his stories, as syndicated on Street News Service, and briefed versions of his stories as published in other street papers, are available below:

America’s homeless — denied the right to a fair trial?

US prison operator ordered to be more transparent

Nashville’s Homeless 10-Year Plan

Nashville boxer fights to ‘knock out homelessness’

Wage Wars Erupt as Workers Fight for Rights

Unsafe Streets: Targeted attacks on Nashville’s homeless continue

Dependent America? Food Stamps, Welfare, and the “Culture of Dependency” (with contributions from Andrew Krinks)
Preview | Entire Article (Pg 10)

New prison policies lead to increased violence, group reports

Hope within reach: Cell phones a lifeline for those living on the streets
Preview | Brief

Church emergency camp for people experiencing homelessness in Nashville under threat

Fulltime workers still face poverty in USA

Locked up for lack of income

Nashville Law victimizes Hispanic community

Human Trafficking: In Our Own Backyard

Veterans: Help for homeless heroes
Preview | Brief (Page 9)

Can vacant housing help those experiencing homelessness in Nashville?

Affordable housing hold-up in Nashville
Preview | Brief

Federal report shows alternatives to criminalization of homelessness
Preview | Brief

Homeless Advocates “Rally for the Right to Exist”
Preview | Brief

Nashville’s potty problems

Occasionally, Jesse also helps write some of the marketing materials for The Contributor.

Newsletter: Everyone Deserves Respect


Jesse is a volunteer contributing writer for Streetvibes, an advocacy newspaper in Cincinnati, Ohio, which provides a self-employment opportunity to people dealing with or recovering from homelessness. 

Ky. Board of Elections Counters “No Address, No Voter Registration” Claims
HTML | PDF (Front Page)

Advocacy Group Tells Scholastic: “Kids’ Minds Are Not For Sale”
HTML | PDF (Page 11)

Dems and GOP Say, ‘Stay Away’

Development for and of the People
HTML | PDF (Front Page)

Typecasting Jim Tarbell: Plays a Dummy at League of Women Voters Roast (Page 12)


Jesse also contributes to Cincinnati’s newest street newspaper, Article 25, which focuses on social justice issues. Like Streetvibes, this paper also benefits those overcoming homelessness through a distributor program. 

Those Clever Immigrants

Whose Money Is It?

I’m Not What You Think


Jesse was an award-winning paid writer for The Northerner, the independent student newspaper of Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky, where he attended law school.

Class explores the power of the pen

Students rally to honor fallen soldier, counter planned funeral protest

Norse unable to repay student loan debt

Man freed from death row gives his account of 17 years in ‘hell’

Spring Break: Alternative trips give NKU students a chance to make a difference at home and abroad

Editorial: SGA caught double dealing (co-written with Cassie Stone)

Crime not caught on cameras

Editorial: AASA should push play

AASA: Policy changes on pause

University considers speech restrictions

National tragedy hit home

Students of Concern: Who’s Really Sitting Next to You?

Do You Deserve a Refund? NKU could owe you money due to unauthorized credit card fees

‘Unconscionable’ practices: Professor uses strong words to criticize response to suspicious mail

Students Disregard Warnings

Office of African-American Student Affairs seeks to fill vacant positions

Missing Student Calls Home (Breaking News)

Health Care Legislation Passes

University underfunded

Why can’t homosexuals donate?

Influencing a Vote?

A Northerner Investigation: Was Dennis Chaney’s Impeachment Justified?

The Greek Influence on SGA

Inspiration from An Awesome Book

Ceremony Delayed Again

Minister Bails on Ceremony (Award-Winning Article)

Cronon Wins Election (Breaking News)

Story accurate, not perfect (Editorial Dissent)


Jesse wrote hundreds of news releases and articles on behalf of  his employer, Concord University in Athens, West Virginia, for use by news agencies. Several were picked up and published as-is in newspapers across West Virginia.

Three Out of 10 Legislative Interns Hail from Concord University

Concord Professor Conducts Research on Land Birds

Concord Faculty Member Earns United States Patent

Concord Leads Small, Public Colleges in W.Va.  in International Student Enrollment

Concord Students Spend Fall Break Helping Hurricane Victims

Concord University Supports Hurricane Relief Efforts

Concord University Offers “In-Demand” College Degrees

Not Your Typical Spring Break: Concord B.S.U. Students Serve Others in Florida

Forty Eight Stars Fly for WWII Hero

Concord Bonner Scholars Volunteer at Camp for Homeless Children


As an AmeriCorps VISTA at Concord University, Jesse created a newsletter highlighting the service-learning efforts of faculty and staff which was distributed university-wide.

Impact Winter 2008 


From time to time, Jesse writes stuff with no intention of it being other than self-published. Or, there are things which his publishers just aren’t interested in publishing.  Or, they’re published somewhere you probably can’t get to them.

Check some of those out here.


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